A man behind ‘The Jungle Book’- Rudyard Kipling

It is always good to recall those stories which were important part of many of our childhood phase; Cinderella, Snow White and the seven dwarfs, The Jungle Book, The Arabian Nights are some to name a few.


Most of us know ‘The Jungle Book’ a very famous story of the guy Mowgli- who was adopted by a family of wolves in the jungle. The story contains very interesting parts like Baloo’s hunting lessons for Mowgli, his friendship with Bagheera, Shere Khan’s eagerness to defeat Mowgli and take revenge on mankind, Kaa’s support to Shere Khan, chimpanzees helping Shere Khan to trap Mowgli, Shere Khan’s defeat, Mowgli’s appraisals, offering leader’s position to Mowgli, Mowgli giving his position to Little Raksha etc.

As a great fan of –‘The Jungle Book’ I was always curious to know about the man behind this story and his inspiration to write ‘The Jungle Book’- Rudyard Kipling.


An Anglo Indian born in Mumbai, Rudyard Kipling spent his early six years in India. He moved to UK, returned to India and went to US, where he started writing these short stories. There is evidence which states that Kipling used to write these stories for his daughter Josephine; she died at an early age of six years due to pneumonia.


‘An Account of Wolves Nurturing Children in Their Dens’- titled Pamphlet narrated by Sleeman contained story of Lieutenant Moor in 1831, who caught a boy which was reared by wolves in the Pench forest; inspired Rudyard Kipling to write ‘The Jungle Book’. Strange but interesting though.


Pench forest is located in Madhya Pradesh, and it is said that Kipling worked in Old Madhya Pradesh and there is possibility that he worked in these forests. This amazing literary work well illustrated the harmonious existence of animal and human life and also unity is the best policy.

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According to some critics it is said that British Imperialism in India was an inspiration to the literary genius. Mowgli (British) who defeated Shere Khan (Mughals) had setup the rules and regulations that everybody has to follow to lead a disciplined and lawful life.


Apart from this Kipling’s love for literature encouraged him to write such stories. It amazes me with the fact that he started contributing to school news papers in his new school at Devon at a very early age.

Not only The Jungle Book, but other works like ‘Kim’ and other stories, ‘The man who would be King’ and poems like ‘Mandalya’, ‘Gunga Din’ and ‘The Gods of Copy Book Headings’ are some of the notable works of the Nobel Prize Winner.

‘The Jungle book’ is used as motivational book by cub-scouts in scouting movement. The founder of the scouting movement requested the author and the approval was given. This was another interesting fact to know.

The love for kids, the Pench forest and British Imperialism in India inspired the father of three to write this wonderful piece of literature. What inspires you? Share your story with us.


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