Virtual COmpetiotion for Karnataka startups

“CONNECT” Virtual Startup Conclave 2016

startupStart-up companies are the new thing in the market. So many new companies are being introduced with each having an innovative idea of its own. Be it a cab service or an app for trains in Mumbai, their own food supply chain or be it related to software services. The list is never ending.

imagesStart-up culture is garnering a lot of interest in all minds, be it a common person or an established businessman or be it an investor.  Today’s youth have great ideas and take a lot of efforts to execute and implement these ideas.


brandingYoung minds out there are keen to take risks and with proper planning and support, these risks are either successful or a failure if the planning lacks proper approach.

Marketing and Idea pitching is one of the essential part in growth of Start-up. This brings in more customers for your product, gives brand recognition to the Start-up which in turn would bring in investors’ and funding.

Marketing are mainly categorised in two types

  1. Outbound marketing

This type consists of Brand promotion, email marketing, advertisements, Telemarketing, etc.

  1. Inbound marketing

Digital marketing, Blogs posting, SEO ranking, etc. comes under Inbound Marketing.

The following image explains the difference between Inbound and Outbound marketing, beautifully-


With the advent of Internet and Social media, Digital marketing is being taken seriously now-a-days. Digital Marketing not only markets your product in your neighbouring locality but it also gives your product a worldwide recognition.

VTradeFair is proud to announce its 15th Mega Virtual Event, “Connect” Virtual Startup Conclave 2016. Vtradefair invites Start-ups from all over Karnataka to participate and benefit from the conclave.

Send in your Startup story/idea/pitching in form of a video (max 1 min duration) and if shortlisted, your Startup will be given free exhibition space at “Virtual Startup Expo 2016“. Participate and “Connect” with co-founders, investors, potential clients and get a feel of the Start-up culture.

Event Details:

To participate in the event, follow these steps:

For other enquiries, please log on to

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Manpreet Ginnare,

Business Development Officer,

Contact no: +91 8123691446


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