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“Faster, Smarter, Higher” – A book on managing relations in workplace by Mr. Utkarsh Rai

‘Faster, Smarter, Higher – Managing your Career’ is set to launch on May 6th, 2016 which will give you an insight in managing key relations in your workplace.

The author, Utkarsh Rai, in his book has mentioned various key points to manage relations not only with the higher authorities but also with your subordinates. This would help in maintaining a healthy work environment. The author also stresses on self realisation being a first step to your career growth.

Hard work is necessary for a job, but not sufficient for career growth. Given that workplace dynamics are ever-changing, one needs to anticipate and prepare for the impending twists and turns in one’s career. Lack of understanding of managing key relationships can lead to frustration in one’s career. Being in a hurry to rise, people often ignore to hone this skill, focusing too much on their subject matter expertise. ‘Faster, Smarter, Higher – Managing your Career’ provides clever and critical tips on how to manage various key relationships at work.

Here is what Dr. Narayana Murthy says about the book:

“Utkarsh Rai s book is a commendable effort that presents a holistic view of career management. A good read, especially for professionals in the early to mid-stages of their careers.” –N.R. Narayana Murthy

Utkarsh Rai, VP Software and MD, Infinera India is a recipient of the Udyog Rattan Award and has several books under his belt. With 22+ years of overall experience and over 12 of them in general management, Utkarsh Rai has penned down his experiences in his upcoming book “Faster, Smarter, Higher” which is going to hit the stands on 6th May, 2016.

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