Songs of the Mist – Shahi’s call to Youth

He is a renowned spiritual blogger, a prolific writer of the Japanese poetry form – Haiku, an avid photographer, who has shot photos across India’s spiritual spots. He is a trained engineer, who works as an interior project professional, managing his partnership firm ICUBE PROJECTS. Born in Uttar Pradesh, he studied in New Delhi and has been living in Chennai for around two decades now, though he shuttles around the world on business. Songs of the Mist is his labor of love, He is Shashidhar Sharma.

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India’s one of the most famous spiritual blogger in this particular book going through the passages, going through the description conveys that it has taken 20 odd years to write this book. From his childhood he has been come from a Brahmin Class family and quite familiar with the rituals, prayers and all the things happening in his house, Shashi had his own dreams which were related to the spiritual things. But those times he was very young and didn’t understand those things. As he grew up and went through the life and all the ‘Mahabharat’ that happens in everybody’s life, insisted him to come up to the point where he felt that he has to write what has  gone through and what he has understood about the life. So it took 20-30 years to distill the thought process which he had into a paper or a book. That’s why probably it took time for book to come out this way.

Shashi once expressed that he has trouble with some people who take Hinduism into a kind of belittle the whole thing. “Their process of understanding the Hinduism is not like the way we understand the Hinduism and this book is actually about that”- he conveyed. Shashi once asked his son “Have you read Bhagvad Gita? He said no, what is the whole point? This reply  made him feel uncomfortable that young generation now doesn’t want to go back to our heritage, spiritual things or scriptures because we have been told by western people that our things are really bad they usually cherry pick the bad things. “We have written thousands of shlokas, we have written so many books but they bring all bad things to us and that has got our young generation to go away from the whole thing which makes me sad”- he expressed.

“Anything creative, any kind of music or a painting has to have a purpose then only it will sustain the whole thing”- Milind Kundra, an author and Philosopher.

“I actually thought of writing the book in 1987, when I went to Hrishikesh, that was the time I realised I can write the book. I wrote the book in 2010 November and started sharing parts of the book my blog but there was no purpose, the only purpose was to become an author because it was an ego thing which was not a sustainable reason for me. When I wrote around 500000 words the whole book I wrote in 2010 was of 500000 the first book was of 125000 words which was edited and bought down to 72000 words”- Shashi said.

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Shashi quoted various examples of the Westerners who were inspired by Indians. Pythagoras who visited India went to Kanchipuram got himself trained here. His famous Pythagoras theorem is from Shalaba Sutra. Another good thing he took from India was Education System i.e. Gurukul system. He started his own system back home and an alumnus of that institute was Aristotle who is supposed to be the thought leaders for the western world. “They have realised the beauty of our scriptures, we have not which really hurts me”- he said.

He also gave an example of George Limatra in 1932 he was a catholic priest, he was also doing astronomy. He observed sky at night and realised Nebulas are going away and over 2-3 years he did the thought experiment and came back. He didn’t prove, but he proposed that Universe since its expanding now it has to start from a point and the Universe has also started from a point, then his friend George Demo in 1942 BBC Lecture named the proposal as ‘Big Bang’. In 1968 & 1970 Stephen Hawkings with another person went on the proposition and with mathematical formula exactly proved that the whole universe is started from a point ‘Big Bang’. Around 2000-5000 BC the Manduka Upnishad starts from the shloka that states whole Universe started from PranavNath that means the deep sound and if Para phrased  this deep sound it is ‘Big Bang’. “Unfortunately in India 3000 yrs ago we took the ritual part of it not the thought part. We have become ritualistic. Nobody took the Manduka Upnishad shloka and went after it did research to prove it. If we had done that we could have actually got the Big Bang theory 2000 years back. This is what saddens me because we are not looking in to our heritage, our scriptures”.

Shashi said “My book is only one step towards getting the younger generation to come to our heritage”.  “Don’t go by the sad things which the other people are saying. Go back to our heritage and just learn the language that will change you”- he requests.

Most of the purpose to write Songs of the Mist revolves around reaching the younger generation. He is admired by a very famous Mathematician Manjul Bhargav, field medalist from India, who went to his village; his grandfather gave him a shloka. He realised that this shloka has Fibonacci series in the shloka. Based on the Fibonacci sequence he was inspired and wrote a thesis which got him the PhD. You see so many things happening if we go back.

There are lot of things in our culture, Vedas, Bhagvad Gita, Puranas and Upnishads which are positive which can be taken forward to the experimental level because our sages were thought experimenters and the next i.e. the younger generation has to do the experiments and calculations and prove the things right and bring out the real results which is not happening. He says that we are in to more ritual part rather than being on the logical or thought part of it.

The book Songs of the Mist is the first book of “Monk Key Series” which is based on Karmayoga. As a reader I felt Songs of the Mist is different because it is in the layers, it starts with the love story, the heart broken pain of Ashutosh that goes till the end. But if you think deeply, you are going to realise how the monk has educated Ashutosh which is understood at the deeper level. Another point what I felt was we have the mixture of all the characters in each one of us and how deeply we want to explore each character within us is what the book all about. This book has left a deeper impact on me, it has made me think a lot and revisit a lot of things in a different way taking place over this entire wide.

Well there are various things that inspired Shashi like the upbringing in Brahmin family, the prayers, the rituals, the willingness of being an author, the Mahabharat in everybody’s life, the non-interest of younger generation in culture, heritage, scriptures, willingness to reach out younger generation and make them realise the rich heritage and culture of our country. All these made him create wonderful piece of art which is now a best seller. What inspires you to write? Share your story with us…


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