Sudha Murthy and her ‘Dollar Bahu’

I’m happy that today I’m reviewing the book of one of the most inspirational women that our country has ever seen and one of my favourites. She has always been challenging her limits. Her stories inspire the young readers and make them aware about the challenges faced by the common people in their day to day life. Chronicle her experiences at work, her memories of growing up in small town and experiences with her grandparents and older relatives, led to the birth of Author within her. She began her professional career as Computer Scientist and Engineer. She is a Philanthrophist and Columnist; an actor and a Social worker. She is Sudha Murthy.

Sudha Murthy, Chairperson of Infosys Foundation once mentioned in an interview that she is a movie buff. Surprising isn’t it??


The mother of two is a creative fiction author. She has written several books in English and Kannada and her books are translated into various Indian major languages. Some of her most popular works are – ‘How I Taught My Grandmother to Read’, ‘Something Happened on the Way to Heaven’, ‘The Old Man and His God: Discovering the Spirit of India’ – to name a few. ‘Dollar Sose’ a kannada novel was later translated in English as ‘Dollar Bahu’ because of its popularity.

Dollar Bahu seems to be a typical daily soap story and therefore it was aired as a television series. Dollar Bahu is a story of a lady called Gauramma and her two daughters-in-laws. It is a story that showcases how money can ruin disaster in the life of any family if the things are not under control.

Vinutha is married to Girish who is a bank clerk and starts taking care of her new family. She tries her best to ignore the taunts and bitter comments of her mother-in-law. Chandru, the eldest of all three lives in America with his wife (Dollar Bahu)

The story progresses just like a daily soap where Vinutha is constantly compared with her new sister-in-law. She bears all the bitterness and carries out her household duties. Her selflessness and love is always compared with her counterpart’s dollars and extravagant life.

Vinutha starts drooping and losing her health and mind because of the constant comparisons with Dollar Bahu. Later Gauramma gets a chance to visit her son Chandru and her Dollar Bahu. She stays with them for a quite long time, realizes that she will never get the respect there that she received from Vinutha.

She understands the true worth of love, respect and selflessness of Vinutha. The author has rightly portrayed the phrase money cannot buy love and respect in a most prolific manner.

As a reader of this book I felt, the author has done her job by presenting the facts to the readers, where they can be judgemental with their opinions. The story is simple but has realistic effect of how value for money than relations affects a family and how it can have its repercussions on relationships. The characters in this novel add spice and make it different. The theme and language of the novel is kept simple and while reading the reader can enjoy the beauty of author’s writing.

People have their own opinions and priorities in life, the novel talks about the chances that come our way, the decision we take and the sacrifice we make. I felt it’s worth reading. You might end-up thinking that how you would have handled the situation when you get a chance to do so.

“I see a film in totality – its direction, editing… all aspects. People know me as a social worker, as an author… but no one knows me as a movie buff”- Sudha Murthy. “I could have actually become a film journalist. I never get bored of movies!”- She once expressed in an interview.

Her experiences at work, her memories of growing up in small town, her experiences with her grand-parents and relatives, her travelling experiences, her passion for watching movies etc might have inspired her to write ‘Dollar Bahu’. What inspires you for writing? Share your Story with us….


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